Detection Technologies

Honeypot Engine

  • Full web content scanning using a real browser clone with popular plugins.
  • Buffer Overflow and ActiveX attack detection.
  • Special algorithms for Exploit Packs and multi-redirect malware detection.
  • Flash-plugin support is enabled.

Antivirus Detection

  • Web Inspector antivirus system based on Comodo Antivirus (CAV) engine.
  • Additional signature database for web-content checking.
  • Full integration with the Comodo Cloud system. Quickly and accurately identifies malware files.
  • Custom signatures for tricky malware.

BlackList Checking

  • Blacklist checking with multiple internal Comodo sources, like Secure DNS and external sources, like Google Safe Browsing.
  • Checking for all active connections found on the site for there presence in the blacklists.
  • Phishing detection with multiple sources, like PhishTank and UrlBlacklist.
  • Checking URL's through the WebInspector unsafe history.

SSL Checking

  • Detailed certificate analysis.
  • Validation checking with popular browsers.
  • Warnings if a site certificate is expired or expiring soon.
  • Integration with Comodo SSL analyser.

Analyst Research

  • Monitoring of all customer feedback.
  • False positives investigation.
  • Research of new web-threats and exploit systems.
  • Expanded research laboratory already setup.